P662HWZyxmon is a freeware Windows program to monitor and control ZyXEL routers

News: 20 December 2010. A new article (in Russian) on Zyxel Keenetic routers.

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ZtnBatch is a console program to automate telnet sessions for ZyXEL routers.
You can find source code (Borland C++ Builder 6) in src.zip file. Starting from version 0.3 D-Link ADSL routers G and T series are supported. Acorp ADSL routers can be used as D-Link T series routers.

The parameters are passed to ztnbatch.exe in a command line:

ztnbatch.exe -h <ip> -p <pass> -c "cmd1" -c "cmd2" ....
Please enter router ip instead of <ip> and router password instead of <pass>. Commands are given after -с in quotes. ztnbatch.exe can execute any number of commands. Additional options can be passed to ztnbatch
-silent : means no console output
-wait : means message "Press any key to finish...." after execution
-timeout nnnn : sets timeout (nnnn) to wait response from router in milliseconds (default 5000).
-file name : Optional filename for output
-loop nnn : Optional loop all CI commands nnn times, onpositive nnn means endless loop (Ctrl-C to stop)
-sleep nnn : Time to sleep betwean loop cycles (default 500ms = 0.5s)
Examples for ZyXEL:
1) ztnbatch.exe -h -p 1234 -c "poe drop poe0" -wait
will drop pppoe session. (Assuming IP=, Password 1234).
2) ZTnBatch -h -p 1234 -c "wan adsl linedata near" -c "wan adsl linedata far"-loop 3600 -sleep 1000 -file line.txt
Example to test line quality every second during 1 hour, the results are written to the file "line.txt".

Starting from ZtnBatch version 0.3 a -port parameter for routers with nonstandard telnet port is added as well as -loginG and -loginT parameters for D-Link G (500G,,,) and T (500T,,,) ADSL routers.

For example -
ztnbatch -loginT root -p admin -h -c "cat /proc/avalanche/avsar_modem_stats"
will show line statistics for T series D-Link router and
ztnbatch -loginG admin -p admin -h -c "modify ppp intf ifname ppp-1 stop"
will drop PPPoE session on G series s D-Link router.

WARNING! Zyxel routers can handle only one telnet session. Zyxmon and ZtnBatch will not work simultaneously. D-Link T series routers support 2 telnet sessions. No information is available now for D-Link G series routers.

D-Link Monitor - а program for D-Link ADSL routers, G and T series supported (analogous to Zyxmon).

I do not have D-Link routers and have not tested the program. Many thanks to Gushin Dmirty aka Poi$oN (www.gushin.ru) for his assistance in developing this program. Poi$oN granted me remote access to his D-Link 504G, tested the first versions and sent me bug reports.

Support of T series D-Link routers would not be possible without McMCC (http://mcmcc.bat.ru/dlinkt/) and CoolCmd who have pointed to some undocumented features. Many thanks to Arthur Matveev, who've send me needed telnet logs, tested the program and some my ideas.

Note. D-Link G series ADSL modems do not have syslog (remote log), D-Link T series do not support SNMP. The stettings and running of Dlmon are analogous to Zyxmon.

If you use new ADSL2+ firmware for Dlink T series routers, please change pppoe start stop commands on the "Extra" tab with the following commands

echo "begin;connection0:pppoe:command/start;end" | cm_cli 
echo "begin;connection0:pppoe:command/stop;end" | cm_cli

Acorp Monitor, ZTE Monitor, Asus Monitor programs for other routers.

On the download page you can find my programs for other routers, not only ADSL routers.


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