P662HWZyxmon is a freeware Windows program to monitor and control ZyXEL routers

News: 20 December 2010. A new article (in Russian) on Zyxel Keenetic routers.

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Router Settings

Please read you router documentation for your router settings. Zyxmon assumes that you router is configured to use PPPoE Encapsulation. If you use oher types of encapsulation, some of the Zyxmon functions will not be vailable.

To use Zyxmon syslog daemon you must enable Syslog in the Router and specify IP address of the Zyxmon computer as Syslog IP address. If you want to log all inbound and outbound TCP connections, configure your router as described here http://www.linklogger.com/prestige_netgear_setup.htm

To use Zyxmon as a traffic Grapher no special settings are required. Enable SNMP in your router and specify IP address of the Zyxmon computer as a Trusted Host in SNMP router settings. You can also set Trusted Host IP address as - so all computers on your network can get SNMP data from the router. Zyxmon does not use traps, so trap settings are not required.

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