P662HWZyxmon is a freeware Windows program to monitor and control ZyXEL routers

News: 20 December 2010. A new article (in Russian) on Zyxel Keenetic routers.

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Main Program functions:

  • Start and stop PPPoE connections through SMT (Telnet);
  • SMT log;
  • Syslog Daemon for Windows;
  • SNMP Traffic grapher;
  • DynDNS Client;
  • Telnet client for Prestige configuration;
  • Monitor line status/quality, change ADSL modulation;
  • ... more.

Zyxmon supports not only ZyXEL ADSL routers, but also a wide range of ZyXEL equipment. SyslogD and SNMP Grapher do not depend on particular router.

ZtnBatch and D-Link Monitor (DlMon).

You can find information on these programs in the "Other programs" section. D-Link Monitor is similar to Zyxmon, but works with D-Link ADSL routers. ZtnBatch - is a simple console program to automate telnet sessions with ZyXEL and D-Link routers (supplied with source code).

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